Speech for Minister of Minerals at 21st Africa Down Under Conference, Australia
Delivered on Behalf of Minister of Minerals by Dr. Abdul Rahaman Mwanga Commissioner for Minerals

Thank you for that kind of introduction, Brendan.
A very warm good morning to ALL.

Let me begin by appreciating the fact that this Conference this year takes place after the world has faced unprecedent havoc and circumstances brought about by COVID-19 over the past three years. The attendant effects best known to everyone notwithstanding, life is becoming to normalcy.

But before I proceed, let me on behalf of delegation thank our host and Government of West Australia for the warm and excellent arrangements made for us.

Listening to the discussion yesterday and this morning, one could attribute to the following:

i. as we partner to develop the mining sector across geographies, cooperation between Governments and Mining Companies is key to driving sustainable development.

ii. Much as the mining sector is an important component of our economies, other social, Environmental considerations remain critical.
iii. The rapid uptake of the new technologies is supporting the growth of mining in Tanzania like other countries around the world. In that context, we see that mining is a critical path to our sustainable partnership and future development of the Sector.

1. The investors like you need more minerals, these are important to stimulate the mining business in the country. Our country geology has potential to provide different types of minerals investors need in diverse area of mining investment.
2. You will agree with me that, as many countries push the agenda of reducing emission, they need to make energy system remain resilient and security supply of these minerals is crucial and therefore Government and private mining companies must work together to develop projects on critical minerals. The importance of critical minerals on decarbonization of energy system need energy policy makers to extend the horizons and consider potential new vulnerabilities on issues of price volatility and security of raw materials supply.
3. Put all these into the context, it is crucial to ponder the global security of critical minerals. With respect to that, Tanzania has noted the importance of this subject and has made efforts to find solution for that. In doing so, Tanzania has prepared a roadmap for conducting strategic exploration on critical minerals. The purpose is to ensure supply of critical minerals and determining potential critical mineral resource and reserve for the beneficiation and value addition. This will ensure sustainability in exploration and extraction of critical minerals hence contributing to the security of clean energy globally.
4. The challenge has been budget constraint that hinders details exploration for the discovering of new mining projects and investment. With respect to that, we have initiated discussions with development partners to support our efforts on exploration for critical minerals. I therefore, take this valuable opportunity to humbly welcome you to join our efforts and partner with us on development of critical minerals and clean energy through mineral exploration, mining, and beneficiation.

5. Tanzania along with Mining Companies will gain more sustainable economic development and creating more value jobs for the young people in the country and world at large. I am glad that Mining Companies have put this event as their tradition to inform public the success achieved by Mining Companies from different parts of the world. A good thing is that it is organized every year in in Perth Australia the City of Mining investors and innovations. I commend this culture and it should not stop as it has more value to shape the future of the mining development with more transparent.  One important thing to take is that, together we can deliver an outstanding success in the mining industry, because together as an industry we need to drives investment partnership and growth without compromise the future investment and environment;

6. The remarkable growth of the Mining Sector in Tanzania is attributed by conducive investment environment for both local and foreign investors. Several efforts and steps have been taken by the Government since 2020 to date to improve the investment environment in the country. This includes accommodative, considerate and rational Mineral Policy and legislation. As a result, several mining projects are under development. Some examples of the few selected projects are Geita Gold Mine Project, North Mara Gold Mine Project and Bulyanhulu Gold Mine under the Twiga Minerals Corporation Ltd a joint venture company between Government of Tanzania and Barrick Gold Corporation. Other projects include Shanta Gold Mine Project, Nyanzaga Gold Mine Project under Sotta Minining Company Limited, Kabanga Nickel project under Tembo Nickel which BHP has significantly invested in this project, Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project which will soon take-off after completion of some administrative issues, Kudu Graphite Projects, Uranex Graphite project, Faru graphite project, Tanzagraphite project, Fungoni Heavy Sand Mineral project under Nyati Mining Company.
7. I would like to inform this forum that our President Her Excellent Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan is committed to support investors to come and invest in Tanzania particularly in the Mining Sector. With respect to that, our Honorable Minister of Minerals is ready to work with all investors in the Mining Sector and assure you that he will tirelessly be working on creating conducive environment for investment, raise appetite and enabled the flow of capital from the financial institutions to various mining activities. Allow me at this juncture to officially welcome all stakeholders present here to attend the International Mining and Investment Forum will be hosting in Tanzania to be held in Dar es Salaam for two days from 25th to 26th, October, 2023.
8. The Tanzania Mining and Investment Forum is organized by DMG, in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Minerals and key industry partners. The event is expected to attract local and international mining companies, financial institutions, government representatives, development agencies, and industry experts. The forum will showcase investment opportunities in the mining sector, offering a platform for investors to connect with mining companies, explore potential projects, and facilitate investment deals.

9. I believe together we can bring happiness to the people and their wellbeing sustainably through the mining sector. As we are partner, we can continue to work together and Mining Companies and investors will have more access to the mining investment in Tanzania. With respect to that, the mining investment will get richer and richer with transparent and more developed.

10. With this brief, I would like to once again thank Bill Repard Executive Chairman of PaydirtMedia for inviting us to this conference and all Executives of Mining Companies investing in Tanzania for the initiative to bring delegates from Tanzania for this conference. I find it important for learning new issues going on in the mining operations worldwide.  Besides, the Ministry of Minerals is proud for the work of President of Tanzania Madam Samia Suluhu Hassan, the President of United Republic of Tanzania for creating enabling business environment for mining investment in Tanzania. Please join me to congratulate her efforts to ensure the mining industry is well developed. With that I would like to thank all participants for attending this session and wishing you safe journey home who ever travelling.

11. Thank you very much for your kind attention.