"Unity is strength" is a Kiswahili proverb that emphasizes the importance of coming together to achieve common goals, promote overall development, and overcome weaknesses. It stands in contrast to the notion that "division is weakness." Tanzanians residing in Japan recognize the need for greater unity among themselves to provide mutual support in various matters. 

They also aim to devise strategies that foster personal development while contributing to the development of their homeland, Tanzania. In line with this proverb, Tanzanians in Japan took the initiative to unite on January 1, 2008, forming a community known as "Tanzanite Society in Japan" or Umoja wa Watanzania wanaoishi Japani. 

This is a non-governmental, non-political, non-commercial, non-religious, and non-ethnic organization. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us through the Tanzanian Embassy in Tokyo or through the provided contact information of our leaders."

Semaganga Frank Vicent (Chairperson)
Mobile: +81 80-4444-8051
Email:  semaganga@gmail.com

Beatrice Narita (Vice Chairperson)
Mobile: +81 80-6790-1186
Email: naritabeatrice@gmail.com

Ramadhani Mohamed Kingwande (Secretary)
Mobile: +81 80-6680-5506
Email: rkingwande10@gmail.com

Zawadi Mwimbage (Treasurer)
Mobile: +81 70-5468-5211
Email: zawadimwimbage72@gmail.com

You can also reach us through the community’s email address tanzanitesecretariate@gmail.com