H.E. Ambassador Baraka Luvanda sharing a light moment with Dr. Masami Nagashima, friend of Tanzania during the event.
Participants have all the appetite for Tanzanian cuisine.
Ms. Kuniko Shimizu, CEO of Tanzaniaphilia Gallery organized on 13 October 2022 a breakfast interaction for her friends with H.E. Ambassador Baraka Luvanda.

H.E. Ambassador Baraka Luvanda, accompanied by Mr. Hosea Chikolongo, Political and Cultural Attaché organized a “Joint Destination Promotion Event in Nagoya, Central Japan on 12 October 2022 with the support and collaboration of Tanzaniaphilia Gallery, a private company that is involved in Tingatinga art paintings in most parts of Japan.

The dinner event which was hosted at the gallery premises in Nagoya attracted about 58 participants who spent their time listening to stories about tourist attractions in Tanzania from wildlife experience, nature reserve, food, beverages, cultural heritage, beach sports, to historical art sites, Mountain climbing, air ballooning, fishing, hunting and many others.

The event Co-hosts, Ms. Kuniko Shimizu - The CEO of Tanzaniaphilia Gallery and Honorary Representative of Tanzania for Promotions and Cultural Exchanges in Central Japan along with the General Manager of the Gallery Mr. Katsuji Mori expressed their joy at having the event after prolonged scheduling of it.  They also expressed their hope that the event was just the first one as many similar events shall be organized in the future – following relaxation of COVID-10 pandemic restrictions recently.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Luvanda stressed the fact that Tanzania is a suitable destination for leisure, business and trade and that opportunities for all there exist in abundance; all the time and at any preferred budget.

He invited the guests to taste the Tanzanian food and drinks prepared for the event so as to have an idea of what Tanzania offers to visitors.  The participants were also encouraged to watch “The Tanzania Royal Tour Documentary” which has been translated in Japanese from which they will be able to decide on their future travels out.

The promotion event generated a lot of interest during the Q and A session, with many participants expressing their initial plans to visit the Country.