On 25th May 2022, H.E Ambassador Baraka H. Luvanda participated in the TICAD Committee meeting with UNDP as part of series of meetings in preparation for the TICAD 8 Summit to be held in Tunisia on 27 – 28 August 2022. Their Excellencies Ambassadors and Heads of Mission members of African Diplomatic Corps in Tokyo - TICAD Committee had the opportunity to receive presentation from Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa, Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Africa, UNDP as part of initiatives of the TICAD Committee to provide wide range of interactive programme and activities leading to TICAD 8. 

Ms. Ahunna’s presentation focused on the priority actions that would deliver sustainable results for African countries to achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Africa Union’s Agenda 2063. She centered the discussion on the six strategic impact areas (namely, women and youth empowerment; climate change; affordable and sustainable energy; peace and security; structural economic transformation and natural resource governance). Ms. Ahunna underscored the means and ways in helping countries with their transformation, making them more resilient and less dependent. 

She further highlighted that, the transformation of Africa will be made possible when three cross-cutting enablers are in place, specifically through adoption of transformative technologies; availability of affordable and timely development finance; and good governance. In addition, this transformation would be guided by three directions of change namely, enhancement of regional integration; strategic communications; and development intelligence (institutionalize innovative partnerships with African Universities).  

Ms. Ahunna concluded her expose by wishing the ADC Group good preparation for a successful TICAD 8 Summit later in August this year.