On 27th April 2022, the Embassy received representatives from Talk Our Future for Africa Non-governmental Organization (TOFA) namely Ms. Chihiro Tanaka, Ms. Narumi Ozaki and Ms. Megumi Yoshioka who paid a visit for the purpose of providing feedback following their trip to Tanzania in March 2022. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Embassy officials led by Mr. Greyson Ishengoma, Chargé d'affaires ad interimon behalf of the Ambassador Baraka H. Luvanda. 

TOFA is a Japanese non-governmental organization formed by young ladies with mutual interest in supporting African communities economically and socially. Since 2017 they visited various communities in Tanzania, Serengeti in particular, Mara region as their model area.

While in Tanzania March 2022, TOFA visited seven primary schools (Nyamburi, Bisalala, Mbilikili, Tamkeli, Gwikongo, Koreri and Masebe), one nursery school (Mahembu) and one secondary school (Nyamburi); both located in Mara Region. They had an opportunity to interact with students, teachers, parents and local education officers concerning the importance of education and equal education opportunity between genders. In addition, they supported the rehabilitation of school buildings at Matare Primary School and Mahembu Nursery School; and donated about 5600 text books, 100 world map books, 4000 pens and 20 balls to five primary schools with total cost of around 70 million Tanzanian shillings. They also visited Arusha region on coffee fields, Karatu district for the purpose of looking into ways of supporting the local coffee growing communities in the area. 

On behalf of the TOFA, Ms. Tanaka, Chairman appreciated for the Tanzanians’ hospitality during their visit to Tanzania; and expressed their desire to start a business with small-scale coffee farmers in Karatu district aiming at supporting and stimulating Karatu local communities’ economies. Consequently, she said a new team of four (4) from TOFA is planning to visit Tanzania in August this year. 

In the effort of continuing to promote Tanzania products, Ms. Tanaka mentioned that TOFA plans to hold a Tanzania Exhibition for the purpose of showcasing Tanzania’s tourist attractions and cultural heritage in Japan whereby among other things, participants will have an opportunity to test Tanzanian food and beverages. Therefore she asked for the Embassy’s support in making this event a success. 

On his part, Mr. Ishengoma appreciated for the visit by NGO TOFA representatives and welcomed them to the Embassy, asserting that Tanzania is their second home. He assured them of the Embassy cooperation on their next trip to Tanzania and their desire to hold a Tanzania Exhibition in Japan.