A Japanese NGO - TOFA, visited Tanzania for the third time from January 23rd to February 6th, 2023 to support and promote educational, cultural, and environmental initiatives. They have already visited Tanzania on two separate occasions in 2022, in March and August  in Serengeti, Mara region where they had an opportunity to interact with students, teachers, parents and local education officers concerning the importance of education and equal education opportunities between genders as well as supported the rehabilitation of several school buildings.

During this tour in Tanzania, TOFA visited Nyamakendo Primary School and delivered approximately 200 textbooks to the children, as well as a number of copies of Niponica, a magazine that presents Japanese culture in English, in order to strengthen friendship and cultural exchanges between Japan and Tanzania. As part of their efforts to find ways to support the local coffee farmers, they also visited the small scale coffee fields in Tarime.

TOFA was formed by young ladies with mutual interest in supporting African communities economically and socially. Since 2017, they have visited various communities in Tanzania, Serengeti in particular, Mara region as their model area.

For more details, please watch https://fb.watch/isqjh4h_M6/