On Thursday 27th January 2022, Ambassador Baraka Luvanda paid a courtesy call on the President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mr. Shinichi Kitaoka, at its Headquarters in Tokyo.  Mr. Kitaoka was accompanied to the meeting by Ms. Masuda Junko, Director General for Africa Department and Ms. Suguwara Minako, Deputy Chief Secretary, Office of the President while Ambassador Luvanda was accompanied by officers from the Embassy, Mr. John Kambona and Mr. Greyson Ishengoma.

During the meeting, Mr. Kitaoka welcomed Ambassador Luvanda to JICA Headquarters, stating that Tanzania is a very important partner of JICA and told him that he has visited Tanzania several times in previous years. He expressed his hope to strengthening the working relations between the Governments of Tanzania and Japan through JICA during his tour of duty.  He also said that JICA is looking forward to the fruitful TICAD 8 meeting that will bring together Japan and African Countries, including Tanzania. He told Ambassador Luvanda that he was hopeful that Tanzania will participate at TICAD 8 at the highest level as in the past conferences. 

In turn, Ambassador Luvanda conveyed his appreciation for the great support and partnership that JICA has been providing for the Government of Tanzania. He also mentioned that Tanzania has been enjoying JICA’s support at all levels including the grassroot level whereby many Japanese volunteers have been working with Tanzania population especially in rural areas for a positive change. 

Ambassador Luvanda expressed further appreciations of the Government of Tanzania for the concessional loans extended to Tanzania to be signed in February this year to cater for construction of Arusha – Holili road; Zanzibar Urban Water distribution; and later Expansion of Kigoma port. “This is going to be a huge milestone in the quest for Tanzania’s development” he said.  

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Kitaoka wished Ambassador Luvanda a successful tour of duty in Japan and expressed his desire to see further enhancement of and cooperative relations that exist between Tanzania and Japan.