H.E. Ambassador Luvanda conducted a country study seminar to highlight Tanzania investment opportunities in Tokyo, co-organized by the Japan Africa Society on 24th November 2023. The seminar was graced by a select group of approximately 20 participants, which included ambassadors and representatives of Japanese companies who have operated in African countries. 

At the openings, Ambassador Sumio Kusaka, Managing Director of Japan Africa Society, extended a cordial welcome to Ambassador Luvanda to the seminar. He informed the participants that the seminar was organized to showcase Tanzania's investment opportunities to influential Japanese people, including, former diplomats and companies that currently operate or are planning to operate in African countries. He also mentioned that the association usually extends invitations to African Ambassadors in Japan for roundtable meetings to discuss trade, investment and economic situation in their respective countries.

On his part, Ambassador Luvanda expressed his gratitude to the Japan Africa Society for organizing the seminar and provided a comprehensive presentation about Tanzania. He covered the country's recent history, geography, demography, language, religion, and political situation. He emphasized Tanzania's foreign policy and bilateral relations with Japan, which have been excellent since Tanzania gained independence in 1961. 

During his presentation, Ambassador Luvanda provided an in-depth overview of Tanzania's economy, transitioning from a command economy to a market-led economy. He went on to provide an extensive presentation on various sectors including, agriculture, mining, tourism, energy, manufacturing, service, and blue economy, highlighting their potential opportunities and positive impact on Tanzania's economic growth.

Ambassador Luvanda concluded his presentation by posing the question, "Why Invest in Tanzania?” He then provided a detailed answer, pointing out the reasons and benefits of investing in Tanzania, such as the country's strategic location, political stability, abundant natural resources, a large and growing consumer market, a significant number of labour force, and a friendly investment climate. 

To wrap up the program, participants had an opportunity of Q&A session, which provided an excellent opportunity to understand further the potential of investing in Tanzania and explore how they can contribute to the country's growth and development through investment.